The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty

The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty
. A wonderful example of female modesty. They have a clothing store


Home School

Saint Acca of the Southwest llc

Saint Acca School of the Southwest LLC is a K thru 12, non-traditional New Mexico registered Private School established to provide academic and administrative support and educational structure, which is important to families who choose to educate their children at home. We at Saint Acca School of the Southwest LLC believe it is the right and responsibility of parents to guide the education of their children. We offer a structured home education support system through private school enrollment, information services, academic and career counseling, formal documentation and archival of school work as well as a host of other services to home-based families as they work to instill Godly character and academic excellence in their children.

For further information, please Email us at or visit our Contact Page.

Saint Philip Neri Holy Catholic Church Western Rite

Our faith is the real Catholic faith that united all Christians during the first thousand years of the Church's history. In 1054 there was a break between the Eastern and Western Churches, commonly known as the 'Great Schism'. We are about the restoration of the faith and practice of the Western Church prior to that schism.
We believe that the great central message of Christianity is Salvation – life after death and bodily resurrection into heaven at Christ's second coming. We can not achieve salvation on our own. We can only find it through the Church which Christ himself founded for that very purpose.
We believe that the Church's traditional moral teachings must be obeyed. For that reason we regard human life as sacred from the moment of conception. We oppose abortion, euthanasia and medical practices which involve the destruction of human life. We believe that sexual activity is permissible only within the lifelong marriage of a man and woman and that Christian marriage is the essential basis of a healthy society.
We refuse to accept pick and mix morality and the fashionable idea individuals are free to choose any lifestyle they fancy. We see the wretched results of that belief all around us.
The centre of our worship is Holy Mass, offered in the western traditional liturgy. Our Church has the traditional ministry of bishops, priests and deacons, and there are parishes and missions in Britain. But we in Britain are only a small part of a Church that includes a large diocese in South Africa, a thriving community of Spanish speaking people in Texas and Northern Mexico, parishes in the United States and congregations in Canada and Sweden.
Finally, we reject the notion of 'national churches'. We are One Body irrespective of colour or language.
May God the Holy Spirit guide all those who read our site.
This church is in Belen New Mexico and they offer bible study, rosary, and matins until they hire a priest


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