The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty

The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty
. A wonderful example of female modesty. They have a clothing store

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Another Russian Womanhood School Ad

So why is this school?

The French school of femininity created for us to develop our foreign and domestic femininity, so we were happy, loved and beautiful! 
...... In recent years, the line between women and men have practically ceased to exist - it is now rare to find a woman who lives in their natural feminine energy ... Some adopt the external behavior of men, the other - internal quality men's ...
Women's World - a relationship, family, home, comfort, beauty, goodness, purity, love, tenderness, kindness, acceptance, compassion, charity, food, beautiful clothes, flirting, smile, laughter, peace, dreams, relaxation, elegance, grace , grace, abundance, forgiveness, feelings, emotions ...
Men's world - this achievement, leadership, success, justice, generosity, honesty, responsibility, reliability, selflessness, service, feats, help, generosity, protection, support, wealth, the realization of dreams, courage, courage, activity, wealth, honesty, duty sport, strength, power, endurance ...
A man and a woman are absolutely equal in importance, but cardinally different in appearance and internal structure of the content!

Let us together will revive, remember and re-learn what was intended and the nature of the Deity, who created not by chance Adam and Eve ...

A Russian Article on Russian Womanhood School

Femininity - an important lesson in the school girl's life

Femininity - this is the most magnificent gift of life for the happiness of women and masculine men.
author unknown

Among the experiences of parents can often hear about the lack of masculinity in a boy younger than worry about the girl with the missing femininity. And yet, its absence does not bring less trouble. On the "birth" and the development of femininity parents have not the least influence. It is important that it be beneficial.

Femininity - a familiar stranger

The modern world adds difficulty to the understanding and perception of femininity. Finding your way to the secrets of femininity is not easy even an adult woman, not like a teenager or very young girl. Femininity - this is often the freedom of expression of their feminine essence. 

Today this freedom limits the fashion for "teenage" standards of attractiveness, femininity virtually no system of education in the learning process, strict requirements of business and consumer reality, yielding to the desires of men imposed the modern "antizhenstvennym" stereotypes of beauty. An important limiting factor is the transformation of marriage and family relations, with the loss of a typical female role, the possibility of its implementation. Common cultural content femininity (as masculinity) have also undergone changes. But changing attitudes of the world, most have no right to determine the existence of the feminine, and the methods of its use.

For maturing girls femininity can be quite incomprehensible science because of the absence of its demonstration in the environment due to the possession of traits of hyperactivity, due to lack of conditions for the realization and promotion of femininity.

Despite the changing view of the world, femininity remains a necessity for women's happiness. Psychologists talk about its use in interpersonal and sexual relationships. In addition, for women, it enables complete self-realization, and thus protects against an inferiority complex. It is believed that femininity is based on the mother's example, the imitation of other women and men encouraging. Education should be a feminine tradition again. Femininity is not the end point of formation in the individual, but the starting basis for a better lay in the beginning of the segment of life.

Education femininity

The process of education longterm femininity, requires constant attention and consideration of the individual characteristics of the child. Among the common foundations of recommendation are the following:
  • demonstration image mother femininity (already 5 years old girl emotionally follow the mother, grooming, playfulness and other such qualities will carry the unconscious messages daughter of the female essence, not only the mother but also the women's priorities do not let you feel the girl in the future status of women, the status of victim implementation of women's happiness in the mother will push the girl play the feminine behavior, and even the "beauty guidance" mom can show the possibility of obtaining pleasure from their femininity);
  • the ability to sense of paternal love, attention (difficulty with their own knowledge of femininity are more common in girls and women who were brought up without fathers because of the warm against his father the girl starts to feel their own value, the credibility of the male sex, which will allow it to freely express their femininity, in his father's respect necessarily must be respected as a very little girl and to her mother; do not forget about the importance of compliments from his father);
  • demonstration in the family values ​​of love, compassion, caring, sensitivity, lack of culture need courageous traits in a woman;
  • correct sex education in the family (sexual fulfillment is one of the foundations of the possibility of manifestation of femininity, so the correct and timely approach to parental sex education girls will lay a positive "I" is the image of life in this area);
  • promote and support female girls hobbies (dancing lessons, figure skating, gymnastics, singing, drawing, except a good plastic, gait, development inclinations these hobbies will help to learn how to feel and appreciate the beauty);
  • Installation on the individual form of femininity (the image of femininity is very malleable to external influences, fashion trends, therefore it is necessary to teach the girl to the idea that it is valuable and beautiful by its uniqueness; the girls self-esteem should not depend on the opinion of friends, sisters, social standards);
  • the formation of feminine conditions (design of children's girl's room should have a feminine image: obligatory mirror, light and warm colors in interior design (including accessories) may purchase a fluffy carpet, lots of pillows, walls can be decorated with drawings of girls, butterflies pictures, cats, princesses and etc.);
  • create a girl's wardrobe (do not allow girls to continue wearing T-shirts, jeans, jackets brothers; wardrobe should consist of colorful, feminine, soft things, it is important to emphasize the importance for the baby cleanliness, neatness of dress, gradually train the care of clothing);
  • Training care of your body (gradually need to teach the girl to the maintenance and beautification of its beauty, the first steps will be the development of hygiene procedures and skin care, hair, nails, which is to acquire all the necessary, attractive accessories, it is believed that by 5 or 6-years girl should be able to follow the basics of their appearance (body, hair, clothing, footwear), in decorating the exterior of the girls is not necessary to move the boundaries of age and it is important to build on its individual characteristics, both physical and psychological);
  • the use of gaming activities for the formation of femininity (girls toys must especially differ grace, softness, attractive, good to buy toys that allow to play women's duties (dishes, stove, kitchen utensils), role play, instsenizatsiya also important to familiarize and outputting a female fashion, feminine behavior);
  • education femininity should not be violent (clearly excessive persistence, contrary to the wishes of the girl can adjust it against the image of femininity, tact, patience and dialogue will help more).

Femininity today was seen as a luxury, but it is necessary to help her find her daughter, that she realized her real strength.

Natalia Mazhirina 
Center "Alphabet for parents"

Definition of Feminine from a Russian Womanhood School

Femininity (femininity) - an ethical category, meaning the set of qualities expected of women, such as emotion, tenderness, fragility, sincerity, loyalty, that is in the man the desire to preserve and protect a woman; quintessence of feminine gender stereotype. Also, the concept of femininity refers kestetike and due to the harmonious manifestation of traits which distinguish the male from the female body. The concept of femininity includes both purely biological, and social and cultural aspects and is not related solely szhenskim biological sex (for example, the expression "feminine man" makes sense).

Your Family Would be Better off With a Housewife

I find this article very interesting and very counter American culture.  Honestly I don't run into very many housewives.  And when I speak with young ladies most know nothing about how to do anything in the home.  The days of public school teaching girls how to take care of the home are gone for ever.  I saw a big change when I was in high school.  I was of the last batch of girls that got home economics in school.  It had been my dream to teach home economics and then stop when I got married but, by the time I got into college, home economics was no longer being taught.  In fact, at that time women were being told they were the same as men and we were taught to work outside the home, to not marry, and to have abortions.  It was a hard time for me in high school.  I still really wanted to be a housewife and take care of my family.  I used to be made fun of.  I was told that because I wanted to marry and take care of my family that I was retarded.  And even now in America it is not looked at as being good to be a housewife.  

Russia ahead of the game- Teaching women to be women again

In our country, America, it is basically wrong to be a housewife and care taker for the home.  And the biggest fighters against women being housewife's are other women.  We aren't forced by law to be workers outside the home but by our culture.  So I think many of my readers will find this article interesting.  Who knows, maybe America can turn around too and maybe one day it will be okay to be a feminine woman in America too.