The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty

The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty
. A wonderful example of female modesty. They have a clothing store

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Welcome Modest Anglican Catholic Sisters

I wanted to welcome any modest feminine dressed Anglican Catholic sisters here as there aren't any groups or support at all in the Anglican church as far as I can see. I spoke with a Quaker woman and she told me that as she had her blog up for a long time she had some Anglican women come asking her if there were any groups etc. It is especially hard for us Anglican women because there is nothing on modesty or femininity in our church as far as I know. I am Anglican Catholic and came to my decision after reading bible and praying. I also was coming from the Roman Catholic which have Marylike dressing codes. I felt the Marylike dressing codes or guidelines fit with what I read in the Bible and also what I felt in my heart after praying. I hope for those of you that are convicted to dress modest and feminine will find this a good place.

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