The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty

The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty
. A wonderful example of female modesty. They have a clothing store

Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Respond to Immodesty and Unfeminity Around Us Part 2

What does this have to do with today?

I'm an older woman and the last of the girls that grew up with public schools inforcing a female dress code requireing girls to wear modest dresses or skirts and blouses. When I was in 6th grade 45 years ago, the principal announced that women were the same as men and so could wear pants. Not only could we wear pants but that Friday of that week we had to wear pants to school.

I was the last group where I lived to be told in public High School that I had to take Home Economics. I had to take one semester of cooking and one semester of sewing. I had hoped to be a home economics teacher until I got married. I planned after I got married to stay home and take care of my husband and children.( Oh, did I mention I wasn't a Christian at the time?) See at that time it was still an acceptable if not a dying part of American culture to be a house wife and keeper at home. But, I had to change my major because the public schools stopped teaching home economics where I lived. Girls no longer had to take cooking and sewing. Another thing that happened in public schools was that no one could bring a Bible to school. I watched a Christian friend of mine get expelled for reading a Bible during recess at school. At the time I couldn't understand because she was minding her own business reading. I actually thought it was infringing on her human rights. (Don't forget I wasn't a Christian at the time) Another thing that happened in the public school was that we girls were forced to take swimming. We were forced to wear the immodest swim suit and swim. If we didn't wear the swimsuit ans wim we would be expelled and punished. It was a serious matter. We wouldn't get our high school diploma and could also have other serious consequences.

So how does this affect us right now?

Well right now we have a lot of adults who have grown up and never saw a woman wear a dress.(It is said that 99% of women wear pants all the time) I actually know women who never wore a dress in their lives and their mothers never wore a dress in their lives. There are masses of people who have never heard anything about dressing modest and feminine in the church. In fact there are many people who have been taught by pastors and priest that modest and feminine dress are wrong. Because of all of the above ignorance and deliberate going against God there is an extream confusion going on inour country about modesty and feminity. Also, don't forget that these young priest and pastors have mothers, sisters, etc. that never wore skirts or dresses and were never home. These priest and pastors have mothers (sometimes even grandmothers) , sisters etc. that have no idea how to be a keeper at home. I can not tell you haow often ladies have told me there is nothing to do in the home.
I personally do not have enough hours in the day to do all that needs to be done in the home. Just think. The pastors and priest don't know any other culture or way. Do you h9onestly think they would say anything against their female relations? So I believe that to save face many men go along with the way women are today even excusing the issues any way they can.I also believe that women continue in the direction they are going in due to egnorance, or because they genuinely want to go against God, or because they are foreced in some way to continue immodest and unfeminine dressing. (Some are fored by spouse, work or peer pressure to dress immodest and masculine.)
I have known women to get abused by spouses because they dare not wear pants. I personally have had women strangers come up to me angry and attack me for wearing a dress in public places. I have had women stop being my friend because I would not stop wering dresses and skirts. I had been forced to wear pants at work. I've been forced to wear skimpy swim suits and pandts at school.

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