The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty

The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty
. A wonderful example of female modesty. They have a clothing store

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why I Don't Personally Like Split Skirts and Culottes

I personally don't like split skirts and culottes because they look like baggy pants to me. Even from the front they bother me because there is this line going up to the crotch area. There is research that this brings a man's eyes up to the crotch area and I don't like that personally myself. The other thing is that as soon as a woman moves it really looks like baggy pants. Also, I saw a young girl that was wearing a pair and the first thing she did was to throw her legs up and open like a man. So I personally don't like them. Now I know that everyone say they are skirts and they look exactly like skirts but they don't to me. Here is a picture of a split skirt and a culotte. I would have put up the skirt but couldn't get the picture so I will send the link and you can see for yourself. Now if you look at the swirl skirt you will see the ladies legs up like she is going to move just like the pictures I will present to you with split skirt and culotte. I think you will see the differences that I see. This is the Box Pleat Culotte This is the split skirt Now if you compare the skirt with the culotte and split skirt they look to me just like it was explained in the Brethern post I made a few days ago. It looks like baggy pants.
Distinction between the sexes is a biblical principle supported in 1 Corinthians 11, where Paul deals with headship. So, is it acceptable (according to the Bible’s dress standard for women) to wear pants, slacks, shorts, skorts, or culottes that look like baggy shorts?
This quote comes from Modesty In Dress: A Vanishing Virtue By Kenneth Nell The other newer reason I don't like split skirts and culottes is that it became a part of the feminist movement. Women wanted to be like men and so starting doing all kinds of things to change her dress. She first did split skirts and harem pants and some even out right just plain old wore men's clothing period. I am not a part of that movement and refuse to do anything to associate with that movement. That movement forced me to become the kind of person I didn't want to be. Also, I don't feel they are necessary. Ladies from the feminist have been brain washed to believe they can do nothing in a skirt. I had a boss tell me if I wore a skirt I wouldn't be able to work. Will you tell me how I couldn't work standing for 12 hours. I want you to know that ladies did trememdous things in a skirt for 1000's of years and now all of a sudden you can do nothing in a skirt. I know of a lady who swims in modest swim dresses. I know a lady that does exercise at a gym in exercise skirts. I know a lady who climbed mountains in skirts. I have found a whole group of ladies who side saddle ride in skirts. I have found a church that has the girls playing volley ball in skirts. So I hope this gives you ladies an idea of why I don't like these items of clothing. As far as skorts are concerned, will I think they can be all different. Some are just scooter skirts which are skirts with shorts under them and the skirts and the shorts are attached together at the waist. I see nothing wrong with these. It would be the same as wearing bloomers underneath your skirts. I will write again about the saying of, "A Woman Can do Nothing in a Skirt."

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