The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty

The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty
. A wonderful example of female modesty. They have a clothing store

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Modest Headcovering Christian Ladies- A Yahoo Group for Modestly Dressed Christian Ladies - wearing a covering is optional

This is a group for Christian ladies who believe in covering their head at least for prayer if not all the time or not at all and dressing modest and feminine in skirts or dresses. It is a place for support, friendship, sharing and prayer. This is a yahoo group for modestly dressed ladies who wear dresses or skirts. It is also open to those who cover or don't cover. It is hard to find friendly loving groups that allow ladies to dress modest and feminine and also cover as they see fit. I had been in a group for ladies that cover I left because of the very nasty treatment a lady received for saying she believed in wearing dresses or skirts only. It was really sad, because the ladies just kept putting her down etc. for days. So here is a friendly Christ centered group where you can find support and friendship and where you are welcomed for dressing the way you do. Click the link above to join the group.

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