The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty

The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty
. A wonderful example of female modesty. They have a clothing store

Friday, October 25, 2013

Are knit fabrics immodest?

Hi Ladies, Lots of times I have read that knit fabrics are immodest. Well I think it all depends. The modern patterns for knits are designed way smaller than a persons size. In other words, they use negative ease. Negative ease is how far you can stretch a fabric and get it to measure a certain measure. Notice on patterns for knits that they always say it must stretch this far, or the pattern will say it must have 50% stretch. That is because they are counting on the fabric stretching that far or it wouldn't get on the body at all. See with woven fabrics there has to be added ease or inches beyond the actual measurements or the person wouldn't be able to move. As a modest person I feel I need at least 5 or 6 inches of ease in my clothes so the clothing doesn't cling. I want a bit of a drape. Will one can get the same thing with most knits as long as they aren't too see through or thin. All one has to do is cut the knit fabric out with a woven pattern. When one cuts out knits with a woven pattern then it has regular ease and will not cling and outline the entire body. My knit blouses that I make are the same pattern as my woven blouses, the only difference being that one is made of woven material and the other of knit material. I like the knit material blouses because they don't wrinkle, are comfortable, easy to wear and care for, and look great with my jumper dresses and over skirts, and they look casual.

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