The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty

The Ringger Family a wonderful example of female modesty
. A wonderful example of female modesty. They have a clothing store

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Modestly Covered - another ETSY shop with wonderful modest ladies and girls clothes

Hi Ladies,
I really love this new shop I found. They have wonderful tunics, and smocks, and long head covers for our ladies that cover. I'm hoping she'll start making some skirts too. The prices are very reasonable. Click the link above to start ordering.

1000 colors - an ETSY Shop With Wonderful Long Skirts

I just found a new to me ETSY shop with beautiful long skirts.

They have tie dye and also patchwork skirts. All of them beautiful. They also have other items as well such as some modest blouses for ladies.

Friends Patterns

Hi Ladies,
This is a nice pattern place for simple patterns. I got the canning pattern from them and I want the bloomers and the graceful blouse pattern. The graceful blouse pattern comes with patterns for nursing ladies and other patterns for ladies that are not nursing. Click on the link above to find their site for modest plain patterns for ladies.

Round Chapel Veil Free Pattern

Hi Ladies,
If you look on the free patterns you will find a pattern for a Round Chapel Veil. Sorry I wasn't able to get the picture. I'll try to finish the one I was crocheting and get a picture up here. It comes out with little crosses all over design and a lace edging all around. As you are crocheting it you can make it any color you like.

Sense and Sensibility Patterns

Hi Ladies,
I like this ladies patterns. They are modest and look modern enough to wear them without looking silly. I purchased the afternoon tea dress in the downloadable. Unfortunately, I never got around to putting all those pieces together to make my pattern. I should have bought the paper pattern. That's something to think about, if you aren't real keen on putting together puzzles I would suggest getting the paper pattern.

She has patterns of many periods. She has swing, Titanic, Edwardian etc. She has crochet patterns too for gloves, shawl and pretty little earrings. Click the link above and have a look.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

King James Bible Verses on Modesty

Bible Verses About Modesty

Bible Verses About Modesty from the King James Version (KJV) by Relevance

- Sort By Book Order

1 Timothy 2:9 - In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 - What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost [which is] in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? (Read More...)

1 Timothy 2:9-10 - In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; (Read More...)

Proverbs 31:30 - Favour [is] deceitful, and beauty [is] vain: [but] a woman [that] feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

1 Peter 3:3-4 - Whose adorning let it not be that outward [adorning] of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; (Read More...)

Proverbs 11:22 - [As] a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, [so is] a fair woman which is without discretion.

1 Peter 3:1-4 - Likewise, ye wives, [be] in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives; (Read More...)
To read all of them click the link above.

How to Respond to the Immodesty and Unfemininity Around Us

1. Realize the Situation

I think one of the most important things is to realize the situation at hand. This attack on modesty and femininity has been going on for quite awhile. There have always been cross dressers and women against the Bible through all the ages. There has been sinful behaviors since Eve. So we shouldn't be too surprised with people deliberately going against God. But I think what is most difficult for today is the almost cultural total lack of femininity and modesty today. The last 150 years or so there has been a systematic consistant fight for immodesty and cross dressing. Certain groups (feminist, homosexuals, and communist) fought hard to get the American culture we have today. In fact, they did such a good job that almost no churches or pastors or priest ever speak about modest and feminine dress for ladies. In fact, there are many (I will not name names and make wars) who teach that women must wear pants and must not be keepers at home.

Why is it like this?

Well even before 150 years ago we humans started to go away from God. I realized this when I studied the later Medieval dress. During that time women started to wear more form fitting dresses and to go outside without head covers. When that happened, ladies started wearing corset like undergarments and making some kind of false hairpieces to lengthen their braids. It appears to me to be a kind of vanity. Well as time went one the corset kept getting tighter and tighter (with the exception of the age of regency dress) until women had crushed themselves 10 inch waist. I had read that many women actually broke ribs to make the smaller waist. This was very bad for a woman's health. Also, there were many times when the neckline was very low and showing off the ladies breast. Also, sometimes dresses trailed over the ground and picked up filth and of course was impractical. There were even hoop skirts that made everything under the dress shown when a woman tried to move. These extremes, I believe were not from God. However, to cancel a wrong they did other wrongs, or the women were easily persuaded to the new wrongs because of the negative experiences of the wrongs they were caught in at the time.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

She Wears a Skirt Hi ladies, I'm not Seventh Day Adventist but the ladies who put this presentation together were right on in aspects of modest feminine dress. They also had many biblical reasons.
Just what do we mean by She Wears a Skirt? Just this: The “she” we are describing is a Christian woman who desires to please God in all things, including what she wears.
click the link above to read the rest of the information. Very good and very informative.

A Woman Can do Nothing in a Skirt

Hi Ladies, This post is coming about because I used to be forced to wear pants to work with the saying, "A woman can do nothing in a skirt." Well there are ladies riding bikes in skirts now. If you remember past post, ladies had said they had to get rid of skirts or they could never ride a bike. Will here you are ladies. Lots and lots of ladies riding bikes in skirts. Those ladies in the past just wanted an excuse to not wear skirts. Here is a resource for skirt guards. I can not get the picture of this one but here is a Christian lady who exercises in her skirts. She has a video showing herself doing it. Because of this ladies video I got the courage to tell the management of a new fitness facility that I exercise in an exercise skirt and she is allowing it. I told her I'm a conservative Christian woman. If I am to exercise here I have to wear an exercise skirt. And she said it was okay. Here is a girl very active in swimming. She swims in an old fashioned swim suit that anyone can get the pattern for at Folkwear. The site said that the young lady was an avid swimmer and the modest suit didn't hamper her a bit. Also, here is a picture of girls doing a sport during P.E. If you click on the link above you go through the newsletter of this church and you will find the girls doing P.E. in skirts. Actually the pastor's wife Mrs. Burns said she used to climb mountains to get to people who needed her when she was doing missionary work. She also said something else too. If I can not do it modestly in skirts then I probably shouldn't be doing it. Horse back riding can be done. We even have side saddle horseback riding clubs. All this saying nothing can be done in a skirt and for thousands of years ladies wore dresses and skirts. This picture and other pictures and explanations can be found at this site. Ladies used to ride for miles side saddle, carry loads of wood, milk cows, plant gardens, etc all in skirts. So think about it. Woman can do lots in skirts there is no reason to wear pants or even culottes.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Candle on the Hill - Modest Ladies Patterns and a whole lot more

Hi Ladies, Will because I am frugal I've decided to purchase a pattern for a winter bonnet from Candle on the Hill. The owner was kind enough to answer my question right away about adjusting the brim and crown of the pattern. Here is the link to her store and my wonderful bonnet pattern. Here is the picture of the winter bonnet pattern I'm getting this Thursday. Isn't it lovely. It will protect my ears from ear infections and protect my face from the bright sun where I live this winter. An absolute necessity for me with my health issues. Here is the link to the Winter Bonnet. I've purchased from Candle on the Hill before. I got a wonderful canning apron pattern, a wonderful modesty vest pattern that buttoned on the shoulder, a fleece pattern for mittens and socks, and a hat pattern for making ball caps, and they have the best buttons in the world. I bought several of the buttons. I was very happy with all I purchased.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Christian Coverings - various types of head covers for ladies that follow 1 Corenthians 11:1-15

Hi Ladies, I'm so happy because I will finally be able to purchase my winter bonnet. I'm not one to veil all the time but because of a skin disease I must keep the sun off my face even in winter. So I finally can purchase this wonderful Winter bonnet. Ladies Christian Coverings is just the place for ladies who veil all the time or only when praying and going to church. They have a very wide variety that can fit for all the various denominations. They even have patterns for those of you who sew. Please click the link and see what my new bonnet will look like.

Modest Handmaidens - A one stop store for modest patterns and even modest ready made items This store is a one stop store for modest patterns for ladies and girls, it also has homeschool supplies, books and patterns for home crafts, head cover patterns, dollar store, information on veiling and head covering, some times fabric, and other items. I've purchased from her before. Got my items right away.

Why I Don't Personally Like Split Skirts and Culottes

I personally don't like split skirts and culottes because they look like baggy pants to me. Even from the front they bother me because there is this line going up to the crotch area. There is research that this brings a man's eyes up to the crotch area and I don't like that personally myself. The other thing is that as soon as a woman moves it really looks like baggy pants. Also, I saw a young girl that was wearing a pair and the first thing she did was to throw her legs up and open like a man. So I personally don't like them. Now I know that everyone say they are skirts and they look exactly like skirts but they don't to me. Here is a picture of a split skirt and a culotte. I would have put up the skirt but couldn't get the picture so I will send the link and you can see for yourself. Now if you look at the swirl skirt you will see the ladies legs up like she is going to move just like the pictures I will present to you with split skirt and culotte. I think you will see the differences that I see. This is the Box Pleat Culotte This is the split skirt Now if you compare the skirt with the culotte and split skirt they look to me just like it was explained in the Brethern post I made a few days ago. It looks like baggy pants.
Distinction between the sexes is a biblical principle supported in 1 Corinthians 11, where Paul deals with headship. So, is it acceptable (according to the Bible’s dress standard for women) to wear pants, slacks, shorts, skorts, or culottes that look like baggy shorts?
This quote comes from Modesty In Dress: A Vanishing Virtue By Kenneth Nell The other newer reason I don't like split skirts and culottes is that it became a part of the feminist movement. Women wanted to be like men and so starting doing all kinds of things to change her dress. She first did split skirts and harem pants and some even out right just plain old wore men's clothing period. I am not a part of that movement and refuse to do anything to associate with that movement. That movement forced me to become the kind of person I didn't want to be. Also, I don't feel they are necessary. Ladies from the feminist have been brain washed to believe they can do nothing in a skirt. I had a boss tell me if I wore a skirt I wouldn't be able to work. Will you tell me how I couldn't work standing for 12 hours. I want you to know that ladies did trememdous things in a skirt for 1000's of years and now all of a sudden you can do nothing in a skirt. I know of a lady who swims in modest swim dresses. I know a lady that does exercise at a gym in exercise skirts. I know a lady who climbed mountains in skirts. I have found a whole group of ladies who side saddle ride in skirts. I have found a church that has the girls playing volley ball in skirts. So I hope this gives you ladies an idea of why I don't like these items of clothing. As far as skorts are concerned, will I think they can be all different. Some are just scooter skirts which are skirts with shorts under them and the skirts and the shorts are attached together at the waist. I see nothing wrong with these. It would be the same as wearing bloomers underneath your skirts. I will write again about the saying of, "A Woman Can do Nothing in a Skirt."

Modest Headcovering Christian Ladies- A Yahoo Group for Modestly Dressed Christian Ladies - wearing a covering is optional

This is a group for Christian ladies who believe in covering their head at least for prayer if not all the time or not at all and dressing modest and feminine in skirts or dresses. It is a place for support, friendship, sharing and prayer. This is a yahoo group for modestly dressed ladies who wear dresses or skirts. It is also open to those who cover or don't cover. It is hard to find friendly loving groups that allow ladies to dress modest and feminine and also cover as they see fit. I had been in a group for ladies that cover I left because of the very nasty treatment a lady received for saying she believed in wearing dresses or skirts only. It was really sad, because the ladies just kept putting her down etc. for days. So here is a friendly Christ centered group where you can find support and friendship and where you are welcomed for dressing the way you do. Click the link above to join the group.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Jumpin Bloomers - a place one can purchase bloomers and pantaloons Hi Ladies, Here is a nice shop that has bloomers and pantaloons for modesty. She has other modest items as well. She has blouses, skirts, dresses, and other underpinnings for modest dressed women. The items in her shop are modestly priced and free shipping for USA. The bloomers come in many colors and they have flannel for the winter and only $14.00. Click on the link above to get your winter underpinnings.

Are knit fabrics immodest?

Hi Ladies, Lots of times I have read that knit fabrics are immodest. Well I think it all depends. The modern patterns for knits are designed way smaller than a persons size. In other words, they use negative ease. Negative ease is how far you can stretch a fabric and get it to measure a certain measure. Notice on patterns for knits that they always say it must stretch this far, or the pattern will say it must have 50% stretch. That is because they are counting on the fabric stretching that far or it wouldn't get on the body at all. See with woven fabrics there has to be added ease or inches beyond the actual measurements or the person wouldn't be able to move. As a modest person I feel I need at least 5 or 6 inches of ease in my clothes so the clothing doesn't cling. I want a bit of a drape. Will one can get the same thing with most knits as long as they aren't too see through or thin. All one has to do is cut the knit fabric out with a woven pattern. When one cuts out knits with a woven pattern then it has regular ease and will not cling and outline the entire body. My knit blouses that I make are the same pattern as my woven blouses, the only difference being that one is made of woven material and the other of knit material. I like the knit material blouses because they don't wrinkle, are comfortable, easy to wear and care for, and look great with my jumper dresses and over skirts, and they look casual.

How to stay warm in a skirt during the winter

Hi Ladies, Many women tell me they can not wear skirts and dresses because they are cold. Well if the skirt is mid calf that alone makes it warmer than a short thigh skirt. I mean a short skirt just a few inches below the crotch is of course cold. Everything is exposed. And, in these very short skirts there isn't much underpinnings so nothing is covered. First thing is to have a modest length skirt. I wear mine at mid-calf or longer. I don't like mine to drag on the floor. Dragging on the floor has problems of picking up dirt and also makes it difficult to mop floors, etc. Mid calf length I can do anything I need to do. Do you know I spoke with a lady pastors wife from the pentacostal church and she even climbed mountains in her skirt to visit people while doing missionary work. Then the fabric makes a difference. One can get thicker fabrics like twill or even wool. If you are poorer and can not afford wool, flannel works well too and you can get wonderful flannels at these two online stores. or . Also, to keep warm in really cold temperatures one can make flannel underpinnings. Make a slip in flannel and make bloomers in flannel. One can get bloomer patterns and slip patterns from There are a few others which I will give you the addresses later on. Please make sure on the top part of the slip to use a stretch material. They have heavy fabrics that stretch. Also, one can wear tights or leggings. Candle on the hill has legging patterns or you can go onto ebay and click legging patterns. I personally have been toasty warm with my dresses and skirts wearing just as I have outlined in - 22 weather. In fact, most of the time I have not worn so many layers.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why am I Doing This Blog - Part One

Hi Ladies, I want to give a little of my background. It can help you know why I am doing this blog. You have to understand that I left this country for a long time. When I left it was okay to wear dresses and skirts. It was okay to want to be a house wife. I was gone over 10 years and when I got back everything was changed. Almost no ladies wore skirts or dresses ever and feminism was the thing. When I came back all my family was gone. As I was by myself I had to work and I had become Christian. The first thing my boss told me is, "Get pants. No one can work in a dress." So I got pants because I needed the job. The next thing is I went to church and everyone wore pants. The ladies told me I had to wear pants. No one wears dresses or skirts in America. So I got rid of all my dresses and wore pants and got shoes that matched which looked like small men's shoes. Even the blouses were no longer called blouses but shirts and many looked no different than men's shirts. Then the ladies at church made fun of my hair so I cut it off short. I did all this because I felt forced and because Christian ladies made me feel wrong for dressing modest and feminine. Actually, they had me dress just like them. I want you to know that I wasn't happy dressing the way I was. I felt I had no choice. Later I left the church for many years and got involved in pagan religions. Funny, in pagan religion sky clad (naked) is considered the truth and free sex is a ritual. And Christians have followed suit and force everyone else to follow suit. Also, I wanted or hoped to get married. The women even in the church were against me wanting to marry. Even in the church there were a lot of people my age living together unmarried. There were also many that felt a person had to stay single their whole life. So this is what I came back to in America. Understand that none of the many churches I had gone into ever taught about modesty, being feminine, the importance of marriage, the importance of children and caring for them.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Purity Crusade of Mary Immaculate Here is another Roman Catholic site on the importance of modesty and they have a series of prayers and answers as to why modesty has not been taught in the Roman Catholic church. Click the link above to read the article and learn about this organization.

Modesty - a pinterest post with ideas on making what you have more modest Hi Ladies, Ok, so the ladies don't look so modest to me on there. I mean some ladies are in their underwear showing the cami thing to hide a too low neckline. But, they have good ideas on how to get rid of slits in skirts, how to lengthen dresses and skirts, how to add sleeves to sleeveless tops, etc. So I hope the ideas and tutorials can help you with the clothes you find in the stores to make them work for you at your level of modesty.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fine Linen Fabrics - A store with wonderful reasonable fabrics, and modest ladies and girls clothes I like this store. I've purchased fabric from her and was very satisfied. I love her modest swim suit. It is one of my favorites. She has other modest clothes too and other items. Click the link above to find her store.

Quaker Jane Quaker Jane is a site by a lady who used to dress plain and modest. She has a lot of information for dressing plain and modest. She has a lot of resources for finding fabric, patterns etc. I love one of the links for bonnets that she gives. The patterns were cheaper than I have seen and she has pictures of them. She also allows people to ask questions which is nice. Click the link above for this great resource.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Holly Homemaker - a blog post by a family that values Titus 2 This blog discuss how she got negative comments on teaching her daughter to be a keeper at home. It is sad but in todays society a woman who takes care of her husband and children is considered stupid and worthless. The lady actually said she was teaching her daughter to become an unpaid maid. Happily there are women realizing the God given role for women and are leaving professions to care for their families. Click the link above to read the entire article and look at the rest of their site. They have information for Bible studies, training up sons, homeschooling, etc.

Timely Tresses - where ladies can purchase and make bonnets

Hi Ladies, Why on earth am I posting about bonnets. Well I have a skin disease on my face and have to keep the sun off. I have found that bonnets worked better for me than other hats. And, my boyfriend likes the bonnet. I realize that the bonnet is the most feminine head cover because men have never worn it. The only time a male had ever worn a bonnet is when they were babies and never again afterwards. Here is a picture of the bonnet I want to make.

WOMEN’S LIBERATION This is a Roman Catholic site about the issues of women's liberation and how it has affected modest and feminine dress.
#179 – WOMEN’S LIBERATION "And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying: We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, take away our reproach." - Isaias 4:1
Please click the link above to read the rest of the article

Head coverings - this is a Roman Catholic article on covering the head "But every woman praying or prophesying with her head not covered, disgraceth her head: for it is all one as if she were shaven.. Therefore ought the woman to have a power over her head, because of the angels." - 1 Corinthians 11:5,10 Here is the Bible verse that provides the reason for us ladies that veil or cover. I cover or veil whenever I pray or go to church. Some ladies veil all the time because some want to be ready if they need to pray and others because of the headship veil all the time as a outward symbol also of submission to male authority. Please click the link above and learn about veiling in the Roman Catholic church.

St. Padre Pio and Modesty This is a Roman Catholic site on modesty. They have several other links on this page on modesty and veiling. I haven't gotten much into veiling. I myself veil when at church and whenever I pray so not all the time. Some always veil. And some ladies don't veil but lots of churches believe Christian men and women must be modest. I am an elderly lady and so I am posting for females. Ladies don't instruct men.
St. Padre Pio and Modesty... "A thorough cleansing must be made within the House of God--the Church. Women shall not receive My Son dressed as pagans, naked and without absolution! " - Our Lady of the Roses, December 31, 1974 (Taken from Prophet of the People by Dorothy Gaudiose, published by Alba House): Padre Pio wouldn't tolerate low-necked dresses or short, tight skirts, and he forbade his spiritual daughters to wear transparent stockings. Each year his severity increased. He stubbornly dismissed them from his confession, even before they set foot inside, if he judged them to be improperly dressed. On some mornings he drove away one after another, until he ended up hearing very few confessions. His brothers observed these drastic purges with a certain uneasiness and decided to fasten a sign on the church door:
For more please click the link above.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Modesty in Dress a Vanishing Virtue - an article by a Church of the Brethern Member Here is another article by a member of the Church of the Brethern writing about modesty for ladies and he uses Bible to discuss modesty and femininity for women. Click the link above to see the whole article
Modesty In Dress: A Vanishing Virtue By Kenneth Nell Those who search in the Bible for God’s directives on the matter of dress will not find a list of specific requirements, but there are general principles which determine the standard for attire. The scope of this article is to list only those elements that can be stated with certainty. There are in addition some guiding principles in the Bible that can be applied individually and more specifically as a matter of conviction and common sense. We will look at facts which are based on God’s unalterable principle of modesty, regardless of the activity or the location—whether at church, at Wal-Mart, on the beach, or at the gym.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Androgyny Deception This is a very eye opening article by Seventh Day Adventist. Even if you are not of this church they have researched well and the Bible verses they use pertain to all Christians. I have studied the history of costume in the University and I find that they have done well with the history. I will be good if all of us Christian females can return to our God given roles. I hope you find this article instructional.

A Site with Modest Swim Dresses Here is a Jewish store with modest swim dresses. They are some of them a little short to me but for most I think they would be modest enough. They have other modest items as well such as skirts, blouses, and dresses. They have head covers too for ladies that like to cover their head. Please click the link at the top of the page to see the other items available from this store.

Roles of Husband and Wife - I found this article in Fatima In this article they spoke about women being feminine and modest so I placed the link here in case someone was interested. Young men prefer feminine dress This is but one aspect that attracted me to my wife, her femininity consistently manifested in her dress. It was a great relief to find a girl who believed that modest dress in a feminine way was important. I believe most young men, when put to the test for their honesty, and not under social pressures, would admit that they prefer women dressed in a feminine modest manner. click the link above to read the rest of the article.

Christian Family Outreach - has free booklets of veiling and femininity and other family information Hi Ladies, I know not all ladies cover but some do and this is a nice site with many free booklets on things like submission, and veils, hats and headbands. They have other booklets too. It is a Catholic site but there are topics that are useful no matter what the Christian denomination. One of the themes that are in the books are how ladies have lost their femininity and how this came about. They had links to other sites but some of them are broken. They had a link to modesty that was broken but the booklets are free and useful.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Keepers of the Faith. The lady who runs this shop with her husband has wonderful books on discovering the Joy of Womanhood

Hi Ladies, As you can see from previous post that ladies come to the decision to dress modest and feminine by reading Bible and Praying. Susan Zukula of Keepers of the Faith has some books for women. One of the Keepers at Home Series that she wrote is called. The Joy of Womanhood. This is a wonderful book full of Bible verses from the King James Bible that helps a lady go through the process of praying and studying and learning to figure out how a Christian lady should be.
here is a summary from Keepers of the Faith. Have you ever wondered where your joy went? Or perhaps you have never felt joy, real joy in who you are and joy in your life? If so, this Bible study will help you discover joy that is lasting. It is a fifty-two week Bible study delving into the very core issues of womanhood and the essence of joy. It is in a workbook format, so take pen in hand and begin! Perfect for ladies' Bible studies, lessons for teens, or a mother-daughter study.
As I have studied and learned from other ladies that have come to the same conclusion as I have. Modesty and being okay with God's plan for womanhood comes from the heart first and then shows itself on the outside. This book can help any lady to change her heart and follow God's plan and then to show that plan on the outside. Click here to go to the website. Keepers of the Faith

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ETSY - A data base for vintage and handmade items (have modest patterns and clothes)

Hi Ladies ETSY is this wonderful data base that is for people who want to sell items. So there are many shops that have handmade modest ladies clothes. There are ladies also who make modest women's and girls skirts, tops, and dresses. For ladies who believe to cover all the time or for Mass, church or when praying etc. They have lots of shops with veils, head covers, even bonnets of various types to purchase ready made or patterns. I have purchased many modest patterns from the various shops and fabric, sewing notions, and ready made. Here are a few of my favorite shops. This is a Jewish site and have lovely clothes and head covers. Heavenly Head covers is a nice shop for various kinds of veils. Hanah Every with her cute modest and feminine skirts. So maybe you'd like to get a free account and then search for your modest ladies and girls items. You can also write in modest patterns too and find all the handmade and vintage modest sewing patterns. Just click here to go to ETSY Oh and by the way, those clever ladies of you can make your own shop too and start selling modest items to ladies.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Kings Daughters - A very nice site with patterns for ladies modest clothing and girls modest clothing

Hi Ladies, Kings Daughters are a modest ladies and modest girls store. They have some ready made items that you can find a link for on their sewing store. They have a few ready made things to and there is a link for that as well on their sewing store. Their patterns remind me a lot of pioneer times in fashion. I like their pleated skirt and have made one. I like Melissa's dress and haven't quiet finished the one I made and they have a wonderful apron and vest pattern that I like a lot. The lady is very nice that runs the store. She helped me know how many yards of fabric I needed for the skirt. They have beautiful fabrics for sale. I have bought several of them. I can not find these beautiful cottons, and linin fabrics anywhere else. They have a few notions and because of them I learned to sew invisible zippers without a zipper foot. Click here to see their wonderful sewing store.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A place to find modest exercise outfits - Kosher Casual This is a lovely store.. It is Orthodox Jewish and I have phoned them and you actually get a person from Isreal. I got a lovely very kind man who answered all my questions. He told me he gets lots of Christian ladies who want to dress modest calling and buying their products. Sorry I wasn't able to get a picture but it was a two colored blouse with 3/4 sleeves and a long skirt with leggings under it. They have other products as well, blouses, skirts, even head covers for those Christian sisters who believe to cover.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I followed modest because I prayed and now here is tangable proof

I read this article and was very much moved. I lost my husband 5 years ago and because I prayed and read bible I became convicted to dress modest and feminine. I knew I would be alone the rest of my life because I always saw men looking for the sexy woman. Not only that in an online woman's group there was a woman who got beat by her husband for dressing modest and feminine so I knew I would be alone the rest of my life. I said to God that is okay your will not mine and I continued to grow my modest wardrobe. It was hard. There were no modest items at my neighborhood stores. There were pants and the few dresses or skirts they did have were short and clingy. I just prayed over and over again and God slowly showed me modest pattern stores online. So I started sewing modest dresses and skirts that were calf length. (shorter didn't work it would hike up to the thigh when driving.) Also I got wider dresses because the stright skirt hiked up worse than shorter wide skirts. Later I found Mary Like dress standards which I have felt very comfortable with and use for creating all my clothes now. I'm still struggling. I need appropriate underpinnings but I have enough of a wardrobe to look modest and what gets me is this. Other women know I'm Christian without me saying a word. They don't like that I dress modest they say,"Christian women don't have to dress like that." "Why are you dressing like that" "The Bible doesn't say women have to dress like that." etc. But this article lets me better understand things and was a blessing from God. I went to a new church and met a wonderful man my age. (I'm an older woman) And he likes that I dress modest. What a blessing he is. He is so proper and kind and treats me like a real lady. He never tries to get sex from me. I'm so happy and blessed. See Sisters in skirts the law of attraction

She wears the pants and
This article goes through the history of how we ended up with wearing pants as women and how it affects our society and the church.  It explains how ungodly people got us to wearing pants.
This is the next in line article.  She wears a skirt.  It is about wearing skirts and dresses as women should.  It has a description of a woman who road miles on a horse side saddle.  They show us that women used to do everything in a long skirt.  They also say that if something would render a woman immodest then probably she shouldn't be doing it.  They say we should be modest even when swimming. 

Thrift Stores - A Good Place for Modest Clothing?

Hi Ladies,
Will of course it depends on where you live.  Where I live almost no one ever wears skirts or dresses.  So as time has gone on there are fewer and fewer modest dresses or skirts to be found.  Even often I can not find modest blouses either.  Everyone where I live like low cut (even the winter sweaters) spaghetti straps, etc.  So if I am lucky I can find a long skirt or a long dress or long jumper but most of the time I don't.  Also what I have done is during Winter I try to find as many cotton blouses as I can.  I cut the long sleeves off to make short sleeves to the elbow and hem them up.  It is a lot cheaper and faster than trying to sew from scratch.  I have heard of one lady who made skirts out of ladies pants.  As far as sweaters are concerned.  There is a pattern store called They have a chemise pattern for making low cut garments modest.  You can also purchase them ready made from her as well.  Or, you could learn to knit and crochet so you can make your own modest sweaters.  Or, find a nice pattern and fabric and sew some nice modest sweaters.  I have even had a hard time finding modest tee shirts.  I've created my own pattern.  The ones in the stores either look like men's tee shirts, or they are low cut and very little sleeves, or sleeveless.  Also, many have a too see through fabric.  I found some nice tee shirt knit material at Hobby Lobby.  Also, what one can find that is great at thrift stores is fabric.  I've gotten really nice fabric for one dollar a yard.  I have gotten my clothing cost down to four dollars for a combo skirt- blouse. 

Modern pattern companies and modesty - Simplicity, McCalls, New Look, etc

Hello ladies,
I've been sewing since I was four years old.  I learned first by my aunt.  She just gave me some fabric, thread etc, a pattern and showed me how to work her machine and then said go at it.  Will I looked at the pattern and realized it was a lot larger than I was.  But Auntie, it is too large for me.  So fix it, she says and runs out back to do her thing in the garden.  Will you know I figured it out and made a garment that fit me.  I don't really recommend that way of learning.  It can get really frustrating for people and they give up all together.  But, it tells you that you can adjust ready made patterns to fit your needs.  You can adjust them to be modest. 

Every weekend I go to Jo-Ann's and look at the pattern books.  I've noticed that they are have some more modest patterns than they have had for a long time.  They are having a lot of long skirts available now.  And making a skirt longer is easy.  I recommend getting pattern tracing material as it makes lengthening a skirt so easy.  I actually copy my whole patterns over onto pattern tracing material.  I get my tracing material at They have the cheapest that I have been able to find and they have free shipping for 35 dollars.  In fact, fabric that I can not get from my friend at I get from  But one of the new fashions that I like is the flared skirt.  Also, they are having reproductions of older patterns like the 50's.  Not all 50's patterns are modest but some are.  Also, if they are too low one can use an under tee shirt or make a modesty panel to cover the area.  Sleeves like hemlines are usually easy to extend.  Just measure your arm from top of arm to where you want it to be in length and don't for get to add for the hem a couple of inches.  Also realize that if the sleeves get narrow at the end you will have to fold the tracing material up and cut it out so that when it is folded up it get wider to conform with the sleeve.  Sleeveless dresses can be easily turned into jumpers by putting a blouse underneath.  They still have plenty of modest blouses to choose from.  Just make sure to measure yourself to make sure you get enough ease in the garment.  You want enough ease or more fabric above your measurements to make it not be clingy.  I personally wouldn't use strapless dresses as jumpers because they normally have a bra top and that to me is too much bringing attention to the bust area.

Mary Like Standards of Dress - guidelines for modest dress for Roman Catholics

This article goes into a long discussion of why modesty and how we lost modesty and how to regain it.  It also has the guide lines and discuss how pants are not a part of feminine dress

"A dress cannot be called decent which is cut deeper than two fingers' breadth under the pit of the throat;; which does not cover the arms at least to the elbows; and scarcely reaches a bit beyond the knees. Furthermore, dresses of transparent material are improper." (The Cardinal vicar of Pope Pius XI)
  1. Marylike is modest without compromise, "like Mary", Christ's Mother.
  2. Marylike dresses have sleeves extending at least to the elbows; and skirts reaching below the knees. Acceptable Marylike Standards have been revealed in many private revelations since 1917 throughout the world. One of these standards is the dress or skirt should be at least three inches below the bottom of the knee. Our Blessed Mother was very specific in one of these private revelations commenting that when a woman sits down her dress or skirt should cover her knees with the requested three inches.
    Our bodies are not all the same size and contour. Therefore some women may have to add additional inches to their dresses and skirts because when sitting down the dress or skirt has a tendency to pull the garment up leaving the knees exposed.
    (NOTE: Because of market conditions, quarter-length sleeves are temporarily tolerated with Ecclesiastical Approval, until Christian womanhood again turns to Mary as the model of modesty in dress.)
  3. Marylike dresses require full coverage for the bodice, chest, shoulders and back; except for a cut-out about the neck not exceeding two inches below the neckline in front and in the back, and a corresponding two inches on the shoulders.
  4. Marylike dresses do not admit as modest coverage transparent fabrics, laces, nets, organdy, nylons, etc. unless sufficient backing is added. However, their moderate use as trimmings is acceptable.
  5. Marylike dresses avoid the improper use of fleshcolored fabrics.
  6. Marylike dresses conceal rather than reveal the figure of the wearer; they do not emphasize, unduly, parts of the body.
  7. Marylike dresses provide full coverage, even after jacket, cape or stole are removed and after assuming a sitting position.
These are the standards I follow.  I am not Roman Catholic but they were reasonable to me and made sense so I have been following these standards now for about 4 years.  I feel happy now since following these standards. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Orthodox Church information on Modest Women's dress click this link to read the rest of the post.

Visiting a couple of your parishes, I noticed that the women cover their heads in church. I asked Father [name deleted] when I visited him. He explained that the women cover their heads in church, don’t cut their hair short and don’t wear pants or tight clothes even outside church....The men he said usually have moustaches and dress with long sleeves....I do not mean to be disrespectful, but what does this have to do with Orthodoxy? There aren’t any church teachings about these matters of personal choice, as far as I know. I am a woman and have short hair and wear pants almost always (not in church). But this sounds a little fanatic and strange to me. My priest says that it is quaint and borrowed from Protestant fundamentalists, which surprised me. Perhaps you could say something about this in Orthodox Tradition. (M.I., CA)
This question is one which comes up very often in the Church. It is not easy to answer, since correct Christian behavior is predicated on the good intention of the Christian and his desire to adhere to and follow the precepts of the Fathers of the Church. Church rules never force a Christian to fulfill empty rules, but serve as guides to those who intuitively grasp the fullness of the Faith, which leads us to a way of life in which even the way that we eat, walk, speak, dress, and groom ourselves draws us and those around us to a loftier life, making us a peculiar people and a people apart from the world (St. Titus 2:14; St. John 15:19). Thus, for centuries Orthodox men and women have followed a style of dress and adornment that reflects the ethos of a Christianity lived partly on earth and partly in Heaven. Women have traditionally avoided cutting their hair short, wearing male attire (pants and other clothes which emphasize the body),* or adorning themselves with excessive jewelry and make-up. Men, too, are called to dress modestly, to avoid wearing their hair in such a way as to appear effeminate, and to maintain at least a moustache, so as to avoid the same impression. Orthodox Christians have adhered to these traditions because they express a living Faith, not because faithfulness to such customs and traditions is demanded by the Church or because they constitute, as such, matters of confession. They are undertaken in that freedom which we all find in Christ, which is not a fetter which binds, but a light yoke which helps us move forward in rightly cultivating the seeds of the Christian life.

Baker Lane Motherhood sewing patterns - very modest and pretty

These patterns have many options that you can use to create different looks.  Even though they say they are for mothers.  I think they can work for anyone.  I especially like the one for changing.  It was designed to take a mother through all the phases of motherhood and beyond.

click the link above and learn about this ladies wonderful patterns.

Ringger Clothing a site to have modest ladies clothing made, purchase patterns and another of her sites to purchase ready made

I love Ringger.  I personally don't have enough money to purchase her ready made or have custom made but I have purchased her patterns.  I love the peasant blouse pattern.  It makes three different items in one pattern.  The blouse, the regency dress and the night gown.  I like the wonderful pattern instructions and even though I've been sewing since I was four years old, I learned a few new techniques.  The link above is for the patterns and for having clothing sewn for you.

Here is my favorite.  The regency dress which in the pattern can be made into a blouse and a night gown.  Here is her ready made store which she also sells soap as well.
I purchased my pattern on the Classic Clothing Store site and also she sells fabric. 

Christians Dressing Modestly is a website from Baptist Fundamentalist

On this site they go through bible verse by bible verse and explain how women are to be dressed feminine and modest.  I'm so happy I've gone to the trouble of finding and posting all the various churches sites and information on dressing modest.  I was alone in dressing modest and my heart was heavy as ladies attacked me for being modest and now I feel supported as I have been able to pull up page after page and video after video of with information on being modest and feminine.  Thank you God for all of this.

Moving Toward Modesty - A Seventh Day Adventist site on Christian Modesty

I like the attitude these Christians are taking.  They aren't condemning ladies who aren't modest they are presenting it as something perhaps we ladies should read about in our bibles and pray about.  I like too that they are talking about dressing in a healthy manner.  This is important to me because I studied costume and for a long time women were wearing corsets.  These corsets got tighter and tighter until they were even breaking ribs to get a 10 inch waist.  It was hurting women's health and to me was not something Christ would have wanted for us women to do.  We have had many fashions over the ages that were over done and un healthy.  Like 30 to 40 pounds of fabric in the skirt and whale bones.  So I really appreciate them speaking about being modest, feminine and healthy too.  This site also has other resources mentioned and a links page for feminine and modest patterns to purchase as well. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hem of His Garment Ministry
This is the first part of Why I dress Modestly
This is part two of Why I dress Modestly

I really love these videos.  I want all the ladies to understand that dressing modest and feminine has to come from the heart.  Once there is a conviction then one will dress modest.  She also has videos on dressing modest with exercise and swimming.

This lady and the whole church are so upbeat.  It was pleasant to watch them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 
Blessing modest christian

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Public Undressing of America - an article about how we accepted being immodest

This is a very good article to help all of us understand what has happened and why we are at the present level of being nude.  And it also, helps to understand that we who strive for modesty and feminine clothes are on the right track.

I have found nothing for my Anglican sisters on modesty or on being feminine

Hello ladies,

There doesn't seem to be anything out there about Anglicans and modesty at all.  I've looked all over the internet and have found nothing.  I guess a modest woman of that church will have to look to her Bible, pray and do as she thinks.  If any of you ladies out there find any information for Anglican ladies for modest and feminine dress please send it to me so I can put it up here as a resource for others.

Paisley Pincushion Nice modest ladies patterns for dresses, jumpers and aprons

I like Paisley Pincushion.  I got the sweetheart jumper which is her sisters pattern so you may have to phone her up to order it and the Criss Cross jumper.  Make sure you read the instructions well.  I didn't and messed it up a little bit.  The owner is really nice and if you need any help she is more than happy to assist.

She also has free patterns on her site and her patterns are for children or adults.  She has a buckle jumper that she designed for ladies working around farms. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Homemaker or Career Woman

Here is a video with info on women being homemakers.  Often in our modern society, it is very looked down upon to be a homemaker.  I have found from talking with a lot of women that many don't even know what to do in the home.  I have read that many women were on purpose not taught how to do things in the home by their mothers so they would basically be forced to be career women.  I hope this video will be an encouragement for those of you that want to be homemakers.  I hope this video will help you know that you are not wrong for being or wanting to be a homemaker.  I will also publish things to help women to learn and discover being a homemaker.  I personally believe it is okay to be a stay at home wife and a stay at home mother.

What to wear at Mass and Dressing Modest in a Modern World

Hi Ladies,
I ran into these videos on what to wear at Mass and Dressings Modest in a Modern World.

I liked looking at these.  He shows many different styles of modest dresses in both videos. this link is for what to wear at Mass This link is for How to live modestly in this modern world,

Another video on the importance of Modesty.

Consciously Modest - A Seventh-Day Adventist on modesty

Hello ladies,

It is a shame that this lady has not gone back on and done more videos.  She had a lot of wonderful ideas for making modern modest dresses.  She gave ideas on how to make modern patterns modest and had her own patterns at one point that ladies could down load.  I pray she will come back on again and teach.  Any how she still has the videos up and you can learn from what she still has up.

I found her looking for modesty panels patterns for a winter sweater someone gave me.  Gee Wiz, why would anyone one want something so low cut in the winter.  Around here it can get around -22 in the Winter.  And, of course, I didn't like it either because it wasn't modest. 

If any one knows of Amy who did the Consciously Modest videos on youtube, please let me know and let her know what a wonderful ministry she had for all modest women no matter what the denomination.

Reconstructing History

I just found this pattern store.  They have paper patterns and e-patterns.  I prefer the real paper patterns myself but if you have the patience try the e ones.  I love the Medival ladies dress but they have from Medival to modern.  The lady says they have made the patterns to fit modern sized people and have modern sewing instructions.  I haven't purchased yet but plan to.

Hint of History

I found this lovely pattern shop called Hint of History.  I've never made a pattern from this shop but I really like the 1912 Day Dress.  They have patterns for ladies and for children.  they have lots of patterns for dolls.
She also has some knitting patterns too.  I purchased the purse pattern.  I'm in the process of spinning yarn to make it.  I look forward to having this very nice and feminine purse to carry my things in.  She has a nice shawl too. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pentecostal Church Guidelines for Modesty

As I said I would find as many Christian sources for modest and feminine.  The Pentecostal Church has strict guidelines.

There are really nice Pentecostal stores that have wonderful modest dresses, skirts etc.

This store is called apostolic clothing and they have 3/4 length blouses, below the knee skirts and dresses. 

This is their 3/4 layering top.  Really nice.  I actually made my own pattern for something like this.  Mine is a lot loser though.  They also have exercise skirts for swimming in and running in.
I had run into a web site for a Pentecostal church in my area and they had a picture of girls playing tennis with skirts on.  Way to go!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sew Blessed - sewing Blog and she has wonderful skort patterns

Hi Ladies,

These skort patterns are so nice.  They are skirts with matching shorts attached underneath the skirts.  I loved these so much I begged her to please make adult lady size.  She told me she is so busy with her family she just hasn't had time yet.

here is the link to her pattern store

And here is the link to her ETSY store.

This is a pattern for the A-Line Ruffled Skort.  She has one for a pleated skort too. 

Graceful Threads - A lady who sews modest clothes for girls and ladies, has wonderful fabrics, and other items

Hi ladies,

I've run into Graceful threads a long time ago.  Her shop is where I mostly get my fabric from.  She has Tropical Breeze fabrics and they are cheaper than other places.  I have also purchased other fabric from her and have been very happy with the quality of the fabric.  She has A+++ customer service.  She also sews modest clothing for ladies which includes, dresses, culottes, skirts, blouses, aprons, jumpers, night gowns, and underpinnings.  She also has other items too like bonnets, etc. 

I just love the girl clothes she makes.  They are so pretty.  It makes me wish I was a girl again. 

Check her out at
Here is just one style she had.  A simple pullover style dress.  Very practical and pretty for ladies.

A Catholic Lady that believes in Modesty- In need of prayers

This lady in Canada has a ministry where ladies pray for other ladies to discover modesty.  She has just lost everything.  Her home burned to the ground so I am asking for people to pray for her even if you don't believe in Catholic because she was doing a lot for modesty in general.  She used to also have modest patterns and video on how to dress modest and fashionable cheaply.  She also has Catholic guidelines for modesty for any Catholics that may be interested or anyone else for that matter. 
 She has on there the Mary Like Standards

Also here is a link to complete Mary Like Standards etc. for those interested.

Common Sense Patterns - a Modest Christian Ladies Pattern Store

Hi Ladies,
Here is one of my favorite places to buy Modest Christian patterns.  Melissa is a wonderful lady that is very helpful.  I purchase most of my patterns from her store and have made just about everything there.  Her patterns fit me perfectly and they are so easy to sew.  She has patterns for ladies, children, babies, and assessories.  She has night gowns, pettiblouses, blouses, skirts, vest, slips, pantilones, jumpers, dresses for ladies and girls.  I've even modified some of her patterns to make new styles.  Here is a dress I made from one of her patterns.  Sorry ladies, I do not like my body in the pictures.

The Drawstring Dress
This dress is mid calf, about 3 inches from neck, elbow length sleeves.  I made an underdress for this one because the fabric I had around the home was a little see through and I wanted a higher neckline.  I've had lots of compliments for this dress. 

Check out the pattern store at

Modest Anytime - has modest women's clothes and patterns too and free patterns

Hi Ladies,
This is an orthodox jewish site but I like her skirts and blouses and she has many free items too.  She also has free sewing instructions and instructions on making your own patterns or fitting patterns too.  She has chemise pattern which she calls dickies.  These can be used to make a dress or blouse with a too low neckline modest.

Because she is orthodox jewish she closes her shop on Saturday. 

She also has an ETSY shop

Candle on the Hill

Hi Ladies,
I love this site too.  It is one of the first sites I found.  I think it is a great Modest Christian Ladies site and Titus 2 also.  They have patterns for modest dresses, skirts, blouses, slips, night gowns, socks.  They have patterns for men, women, children, babies.  I've made the socks from them and they were great.  I got compliments when I got my theruputic shoes.  The cloth socks are a lot faster to make than knitted socks.  Although I have to tell you that hand knitted socks are nice too.  They also have patterns for head covers for ladies that cover their heads.  I cover my head when I pray or go to church.  I will post later on some sites for head covers for ladies that use them.  They also have wonderful buttons.  I love the buttons.  I have purchased a bunch at a time.  I also got a ball cap pattern for my son.  They have lovely fabric too.  And perhaps one of the cheapest places to purchase solid colored fabric.  You have to check it out there is just too much to describe here. 
Oh, and they have free patterns too!!

Vessels of Mercy - A wonderful lady with the ministry to sew modest clothing for ladies and girls

I finally got it all together and have send off my fabric with the money etc to get my vest dress made.  I just love this lady.  She is so nice and helpful.  This lady is important for those that can not find the right thing in stores or thrift stores where they live.  She has her own patterns (I choose one of those) and she sews other patterns too if you ask her first to see if it is one she will sew.  She is fast too.  It takes me at least 3 months to sew a dress.  She told me two weeks.  I'm going to look so nice in my pink vest dress with the purple patterned vest. 

She also has wonderful articles.  I like the one on Modesty and on not having pride.  I think it is very important that just because we are doing our best to be modest that we don't think we are better than others. 

Femininity VS Feminism
By  Michelle Stace 

What IS femininity? We all have varying ideas of feminine attributes, but there has to be an absolute and of course the Bible is it. True femininity is being a godly woman. Therefore whatever is not godly is feminism.  Exploring what it means to be a godly woman will at the same time show us what a feminist is
for more click the link

here is the link to the whole articles section of her website.

I like her one on not being self righteous too.  and others of course. 

As soon as I get my dress back,I'll have my son take a picture of it so you can see some of her work. 

Several Modest Christian Lady articles

I want to provide as many positive website articles about dressing modest and feminine that I can find.  The reason I do this is because I have been attacked by women I don't even know just going to public shopping places.  I have literally had ladies walk up to me and say "Why do you dress like that?"  Christian ladies don't have to dress like that.  I find it strange actually because this is a country where everything goes, right?  So why am I attacked and also how did they decide I was Christian?  By the way, I wear dresses or skirts.  My favorite skirt is the Gathered Women's skirt at my friends pattern store I designed a tee shirt that is lose and shaped differently than men's tee shirts with 3/4 sleeves and I choose thick none see through knit fabric and it is about 8 inches ease and comes down to my hips.  Or I wear my favorite blouse that again I have sew from my favorite pattern store the key hole blouse.  By the way, those two pieces of clothing are so easy to sew and look nice, are modest, and only use two yards of fabric a piece. Why I have gotten fabric from a thrift store and ended up with something modest for 4 dollars. 

Another reason I want to provide as many positive website articles as I can is that by accident I have found many websites by churches and pastors that are against women wearing skirts.  One of them even said it was men's wear to wear skirts. etc. 

Another reason is that over and over again I hear that a woman can do nothing in a skirt.  That at the very best she has to wear culottes.  I don't like culottes myself.  For one, I can see they are split as soon as a woman moves.  And many look like large pants to me.  Also, I found from reading and studying costume that it was one of the ways feminist women worked at getting pants for women.  In fact, this notion of women can do nothing in skirts has gotten to ridiculous levels.  I was told where I used to work long time ago I had to wear pants because you can not work in skirts.  Will, all I was doing was standing for 12 hours.  I could maybe see if she wanted me to do gymnastics for 12 hours but I was just standing.  So I feel there is a movement to stop women from wearing skirts and dresses.  So I will also show how women can do most anything in a skirt.  Actually, probably the ones that may not work are gymnastics, and mountain climbing.  But I don't really know for sure.

This one was labeled just Modesty.

I like it because she mentions that she never knew about modesty until she started searching the bible and praying.  This is what happened to me.  I started searching and reading the bible and praying.  So I think you will like this article.

Most Christian women dress the same as other women in society today. Most do not even realize that the Bible has a lot to say about what we as Christian women should wear. Up until four years ago, it had never occurred to me that the Bible even mentioned how we should dress. I just dressed like everyone else, whether skirts were long or short, whether jeans were in or out. Then I read an article by a wonderful Christian woman sharing a few thoughts on this issue. Since then, I searched the Bible, and spent hours in prayer to determine how the Lord wanted me to dress. I would like to share a few things that I have studied. The Bible has instructions for men as well, but as the Bible says that women are in instruct only other women, this article is written for women only.

So click on the link above to get the rest of the article. 

I didn't see any particular denomination here.  This is a Christian ministry.

Friday, October 4, 2013


I love this ladies site.  I've been there many times.  I've purchased her skirt pattern and made her skirt.  I've purchased the blouse pattern and have as yet to make it.  She is a lovely lady with all kinds of good things for future home makers.  Her site is very positive and upbeat.  As soon as I can I will place a picture of her skirt I made on my blog here.

She has apron patterns, girl patterns, ladies skirt and blouse pattern.  She has books and e books for house keeping, sewing, embroidery, baking, cleaning the home, recipes, etc.  She has supplies for home keeping and cooking and baking.  She has supplies for being a courteous person.  She has books for training young girls up to be good home makers.  The link is above.  Take a look and judge for yourself.

Apostles Creed

I BELIEVE in God, the Father almighty,
creator of heaven and earth.

I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord.
He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit
and born of the Virgin Mary.

He suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died, and was buried.

He descended to the dead.
On the third day he rose again.
He ascended into heaven,
and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
He will come again to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy catholic Church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting.


I believe in this and thought it might be nice for the ladies that come here to know what I believe in.  I want this site open to all Christian ladies no matter which denomination that believe in modesty, femininity and being a Keeper of the Home.  So I may place up articles from Roman Catholic, Anglican, Pentacostal, Baptist or any other denomination that has good information for us. 

An Article that I like- It is supportive of Christian ladies that wear skirts and dresses

I got this article from Ladies Against Feminism.  I can not say much about this group or blog except that I liked this particular article.  I found it to be positive for ladies that see the bible saying women should wear modest and feminine. 

Modesty and the Christian Woman By Mrs. Chancey
Jun 1, 2003 - 10:56:00 PM

Views on dress today cover the spectrum from "anything goes as long as my private parts are covered" to "I cover myself from neck to ankle and never wear anything bolder than navy blue." It is unfortunate that modest dress is a controversial topic in Christian circles. What should be a fairly easy issue to decide upon (and obey) has been fragmented into dozens of "sub-arguments" about liberty versus legalism, law versus grace and shamefacedness versus ostentation. Our culture is so saturated with immodesty that we have become desensitized to it in many ways. What was once considered pornography is now brazenly displayed on the magazine covers that assault our eyes at the grocery checkout. The world chides us for being "repressed" or "uptight" if we attempt to uphold the barest shadows of modest behavior and dress. Even fellow Christians tell us that there are no absolute guidelines for dress, and that we mustn’t hinder another’s "liberty" by insisting that Scripture gives us boundaries for our attire. In the midst of this confusion, we find it difficult to "rightly divide the Word of Truth," dividing instead into camps of "us" and "them," and wasting all our ammunition on our sisters in Christ when we should be building one another up in love. And cursing the darkness may make us feel good temporarily, but we had better start lighting candles if we expect anyone to take God’s Word -- and His commands for modesty in particular -- seriously. Is there an absolute standard for Christian modesty? Does the Bible give us specific guidelines? Is there room for personal taste at all? I believe the answer to each of these questions is "yes."

Please click here to read the rest of the article.

A Wonderful Place for Modest Ladies Patterns

This is one of my favorite places for modest ladies patterns.  I've known Melissa for awhile now as I've almost purchased every one of her patterns.  She has modest skirt, dresses, underpinnings, pettiblouse patterns.  She has jumper patterns, blouse patterns, even some assesory patterns.  She has patterns for babies and girls as well.  I love her patterns because they are simple in style.  They are easy to sew and they fit me well.  She is a lovely Christian lady that is more than happy to help in any way she can in purchasing her patterns.  Check out her site at
Here is a picture of one of the dresses I made from her drawstring dress pattern.
Sorry ladies but I don't like taking pictures of myself.  This dress comes mid calf and has sleeves to the elbow.  The neckline come about three inches under the neck.  I made a special under dress for it because the fabric I had around the house was a little see through and because I wanted the neck line a little higher up.  This dress is the favorite one that I get a lot of compliments on. 

A Safe Place for modest Christian Ladies

I just want to create a safe place for Christian ladies who have come to the same conclusion as I have for modesty and femininity (dress and skirt)  There are very few sites left for ladies that dress modest and feminine.  I want this to be a place for encouragement, prayer, etc.

This site is not meant as an attack on anyone.  Gee Wiz this is America and anyone can do what ever they want.  So, I will not tolerate attacks here.  There are plenty of sites that you can go to that can suit your beliefs and ideas.  Please go to those sites.